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Clare started as a playwright... The unusual start makes her unusual music make a little more sense. Enigmatic and haunting, her delicate vocals soar over gothic folk melodies, creating a tension between the light and dark that defines her inner world. 

Her debut EP "April" honoured a coming into herself and sharing that inner world for the first time. It continues to appear on international radio. She continues to delve into heartbreaking honesty and whimsy with nimble vocals reminiscent of Joni or Phoebe Bridgers.

In 2019, Clare released her single "Famine/Beast/Feast", landing at #5 on Triple J Unearthed's "Roots" chart and scoring a play on Triple J's "Roots 'n All" program. The music video (directed by Alexis Orosa) paired the compelling gothic folk with stunning visuals. 

For Fans Of: Laura Marling | Marika Hackman | Phoebe Bridgers } Joni Mitchell 

‘April’ is in digital stores now.




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